SMS Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents - Edmonton-St Albert-Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan-Spruce Grove

How To Capture Free Real Estate Leads and Sell More Properties Using Text Message/SMS Marketing

The Best Way To Reach People! On the "For Sale" Sign rider, ask potential buyers and interested lookers to text a code to a designated phone number. They receive instant information to their mobile device. Something like: 123 Oceanview Drive 5 Bedrooms 4 Baths 2875 Square Feet Built 2002 $935K Call Dino Dicaprio 212-555-1212 View property details, images and videos on their cellphones. NO more fliers getting wet or being made into paper airplanes! No More wasting time and money to photocopy fliers then drive to each property and refill No More missing prospects because they can't find a place to park or the flier box is empty Here is the Best Part! Moments after the prospects requests property information, their cellphone number will be texted automatically to the agent by our software. Call them immediately to answer questions or to view the property while the lead is still hot! If you can reach out to them this easily before, how many potential buyers could have been your clients? Almost everyone has a cellphone on them... All of the Time! Most text messages are read within minutes of receiving them! Once you build a list of cell phone numbers, you can stay in touch with or reach out to all potential buyers by hitting a few keystrokes. Let's say the 123 Oceanview Drive property was sold but then later fell out of Escrow... You simply text and alert everyone on your list. If you TEXT 100 or 1000 people to notifiy them of an open house or New Listings, Imagine how many will show up to an OPEN HOUSE. Not that you know how profitable your list of Real Estate Prospects is, How do you Grow It? Simply put your text code to your text number and QR code on your current marketing material, such as: Business Cards Fliers Post Cards Newspaper Ads Radio & Video Commercials Email Signature Websites Facebook Fan Page Twitter Youtube Channel LinkedIn Profile We develop strategies to help any business generate leads, customers, sales and client retention. We constantly educated ourselves with new information and technology as soon as they surface. So, Contact Us Today for a free Consultation and see why Text Message SMS Marketing is the best way to reach people.

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