33 Reasons Press Releases Will Give Your Business An Advertising Edge

Using a Press Release service not only gets you in The News, but it  CREATES the  news for your business, product or service. A newsworthy Press Release generates more attention. With more attention your business can expect more customers.  When your business has more Customers your sales will increase. If your business increases its sales than your profits will also increase.

More News = More Attention = More Customers = More Sales = More Profits

Today the public goes with the most current, most relevant and the most in trend products, services and businesses. Getting in The News gives you credibility, social proof and volumes of embedded authority. All of that attention increases your online visibility.

Let Your Customers Find You. With Press Releases . Boost Your Business With Top Tier Media Coverage

When you post your news direct to +1400 News Networks,  then top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing notice.  Using search engine friendly Press Releases puts the news about your business and its services directly where people searching for business  will find it.

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How Can A PR Campaign Help Your Business

The purpose of a good PR campaign is to increase a businesses trust level, and inform the audience of their services and products. A Press Release has proven to be the best way to enhance your reputation to the public.


Using press releases allows you to get people talking about your business the way you want. You control the narrative.


Distribution to over 1400 Real Media Outlets gets you found in more places, strengthening your Press Releases authority, grabbing more attention than ever before.

A PR Campaign Can Generate Publicity With Your Neighborhood, Your City and The World!

It’s simple.

Write a newsworthy announcement about your organization – a new product launch, current promotion, a local team sponsorship – whatever.

We get your news distributed to every major news site and search engine on the web, and in front of consumers and journalists.

Want help creating a press release that will get noticed by local news agents? We have a solution for that too. Let our team of writers carefully construct a release that could get the attention of Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as the locals.

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9 Benefits of a Press Release Campaign


1. Dollar for Dollar, Press Releases Beat Advertising!

Dollar for dollar, you will never match the return a well-produced press release creates compared to advertising or marketing dollars you spend. Six or eight press releases can routinely create the equivalent traffic and customers of purchased ad space that could cost $5,000 or more. These aren’t inflated numbers: a single newspaper ad , say half a page, can run $1,000 or more in any reasonable sized city…much more in a large metropolitan market. When properly distributed to the media, professional press releases pack a lot of power with far less cost.

2. Press Releases Build Credibility

Potential clients and existing customers, not to mention vendors and partners, trust what is said in the news media about a company — and they tend to distrust advertising by that same company! By getting in the news, you establish credibility that greatly exceeds any paid marketing message. There simply is no advertising venue that equals the credibility and legitimacy of the legitimate news media.

3. Few Businesses Ever Explore This Media Method

Every business advertises at some point. But few ever do a serious press release blast with a well-written professional news release…and fewer still keep at and turn it into an on-going campaign. So, relatively speaking in most local markets, the competition is not large at all.

4. Online News Distributors Welcome Targeted Press Releases

Never before have the online media been more effective than when it comes to Press Release Distribution. As the public rapidly moves online, they expect to see most of their news online too. Not just national, but regional and local news as well. They expect to read about local businesses and form opinions based, at least partly, on those same stories.

5. Know What Works

If you are using a free or low-cost press release distribution company, you are paying for your press release to be posted on a website. A large proportion of the press releases on these sites are not newsworthy and are written in a marketing style that turns off the media. To be successful your news release must be ‘news worthy’ and written as a reporter/journalist would write it, not to sound like a hyped-up advertisement!

Paying a reasonable fee to have the news releases written in the proper style and using the right ‘angles/hooks’ is extremely important.

6. Press Release Spam

Offline media journalists aren’t interested in press release spam. Buying a media database and distributing the press release yourself will yield little response (and might find your company’s emails being permanently filtered to the trash or spam folder). To avoid looking like spam, your press release needs to be presented to the right news publications and journalists.

7. Online Sources Feed Offline Media

Because journalists are overworked, they often visit just one or two sources of press releases. As a result, they go to the largest source of newsworthy press releases. Posting to major online news networks presents your news to local publications – and new stories will always get more attention than printed ads.

8. What About Space Constraints?

The more space a newspaper produces, the more advertising they can sell, including remnant ad space. Today, while newspapers are suffering from a lack of high-paying advertisers, most have a backlog of advertisers willing to take remnant ad space at a huge discount.

I’m seeing more ads on single pages and overall less content. I’m also seeing lots of public service ads, since sales are down. Overall, newspapers are suffering from a lack of content, not a surplus of content. A well-written, newsworthy press release stands a greater chance of being published right now.

9. Want Better Rankings For Your Online Real Estate

What happens when you post your news to News sites, is News Businesses are talking about your business. News Sites have authority, social signals  and Search Engines pay attention to what is listed on their sites. The Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo categorize this news. A Press Release has the potential to powerfully boost your business online real estate – your website!

For the forward-thinking business in a competitive industry, press release campaigns should be a part of every marketing plan

CanadaWest Local Business offers media promotion services that are focused on helping your business grow your brand by tapping into this powerful digital strategy. We pride ourselves in truly understanding the needs of each of our clients and then paving the way for them to build loyal followers, engage with these followers, and convert them into paying customers or clients.

Our Press Release Services Include:

  • Developing Press Release Marketing Campaigns
  • Press Release Creation
  • Press Release Distribution to +1400 Major online News networks

To discuss your strategy further, contact us.

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